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Old Building September 28, 2007

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I’ve always liked old abandoned buildings, no matter in what condition they are.

They are like ghost, always have something to say about the past… Letting the imagination fly! The following pictures are no photoshoped at all :). This building is very big and the street too narrow. When I took the two first pictures I though I could put them together in photoshop but for some reason I moved :Sbuildingsblogsaved4web.jpg

The colorful cloths have been there for at least two years. Left there probably at the middle of an unfinished job… Reconstructing maybe? I like to call it random art even though this term is used for other things.



Knitting my time away :P

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This is a case for tobacco! The photo is not that good ! Anyway, I had an idea these days.. making teddy bears…knitting teddy bears! The patterns on the Internet doesn’t help me because I don’t really understand them, maybe babel fish will do it’s job one of these days 🙂kapno8hkhtelikosavedforweb.jpg


And this is my second attempt :) September 25, 2007

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This is for mobile phone …


Scary But sweet September 24, 2007

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This is a girl I made out of clay yesterday and I just loved her! She is a bit scary but she she can’t be that bad 😛 I am trying to find a name for her ….Tristie..Kleo..Filis… I am still thinking about it 🙂


My first knitting attempt!

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A month ago I learned knitting and I am very proud of it. I thought it would be difficult.. But it’s actually very calming! So this is the first thing I made.. a wallet or something like this 😛

I also printed a label and decorated it with a stamp! It makes it look good doesn’t it?


Dreamy Tree September 22, 2007

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I think I should have named the blog “the tree Blog” after all…:P Yeah I love trees !


It is said…

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It is said that every seven weeks

The Sky picks

And He sents a witch

Down to this bridge

Every seven weeks in the midnights mist

A witch gives a spell twist

That no mortal can resist

Her job is to bring to the Sky’s feast

The man that He picked

The one that was kissed in the midnights mist on this bridge

The man becomes a star

The witch becomes the sun

And the sky as always young…


Same tree different mood September 19, 2007

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“It terrifies me, this world that lies outside” September 15, 2007

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This is from a comic that hardly ever started…The story didn’t make much sense after all, so all I have is a little boy too scared to go outside!



Girl September 14, 2007

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