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Old Building September 28, 2007

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I’ve always liked old abandoned buildings, no matter in what condition they are.

They are like ghost, always have something to say about the past… Letting the imagination fly! The following pictures are no photoshoped at all :). This building is very big and the street too narrow. When I took the two first pictures I though I could put them together in photoshop but for some reason I moved :Sbuildingsblogsaved4web.jpg

The colorful cloths have been there for at least two years. Left there probably at the middle of an unfinished job… Reconstructing maybe? I like to call it random art even though this term is used for other things.



5 Responses to “Old Building”

  1. Margy Says:

    Did i ever told you how much i love that “street n strange” art of yours ? Chr has a unique way to see things even beneath the concrete x

  2. sourtimes Says:

    I can’t thank you enough for all these years of supporting me! And here you are… with all these nice words! xxx

  3. sophia Says:

    eixa dei tetoia me mob kai portokali xroma sthn ollandia!

    na deis ti kala pou paei me to mpeton!! 🙂

  4. bluebicicletta Says:

    I really like old abandoned things too. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of old machine parts and old cars. I enjoy your creativity and originality. I also appreciate the way you lay out your pictures in groups. Are you doing that in photoshop or in some way with wordpress?

  5. sourtimes Says:

    First the trees and now this 🙂 We could make a team !!!
    The lay out of the pictures is done in photoshop! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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