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More Knitting! October 5, 2007

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This is another sheath for mobile phone! I wanted it to look like a frog or something, then I compromised with the idea of a cute snake and now obviously it’s neither 😛



5 Responses to “More Knitting!”

  1. tomorrowgirl Says:

    I’m seeing more of a bee with no wings, but it’s still cute 🙂

  2. vre, mporeis na ta kaneis merchandise ayta!!! ^_^

  3. sorry , mhpws ta exeis ksekinhsei?

  4. sourtimes Says:

    xaxa se endiaferei ? 🙂 Dexomai paragelies!

  5. Angel papoutsis Says:

    Tha agoraza kapoia stigmh kati alla einai poly kalh h idea sou! ^_^

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