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BoogieMan November 10, 2007

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Spooky…I finished this last night! He is the boogie man!!! As you can see at the lower left corner he is very busy trying to find a way to scare Alice and Flin… And he has no  name..yet! Well, Boogie man has no name but if you have any good ideas..! 🙂

These characters will actually be in a comic that I will make! But I must have to think of a good scenario first, which is, unfortunately,  kind of difficult for me these days.  pfff :s I will find my way out of this weekend 😛



5 Responses to “BoogieMan”

  1. Amanda Says:

    neat. what’s he made out of?

  2. sourtimes Says:

    Thanks, it’s made of clay and painted with acrylics 🙂

  3. a s m a Says:

    Oh wow, what a pretty boogie man 🙂

    Lovely creations you’ve here, btw!!

  4. sophia Says:

    cute boogie man… I dont think he would scare anyone! xixixixiiii.. 😛

  5. sourtimes Says:

    A s m a thank you for visiting and your nice words! Cute think so? Yes ok I can see that too, but he is very bad inside 😛 Thanx 🙂

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