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Christmas!!! December 16, 2007

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Hello!!! Long time no see? I know! I haven’t been doing a lot of things these days! You see I got a job and my everyday program is not yet fixed! But I am really happy because I waited for so long for something like that to happen! And also, hey! Santa Claus is coming to town and this is the best reason to happy 😀 Me and my mother decorated the Christmas tree and here it is 🙂

Also, I thought of a gift for all of my readers, if anyone likes a photo and wants to have it in a high resolution leave a comment or better mail me at and I will sent it ! I take for granted that you all going to respect the copyrights of course! Have a great time!



2 Responses to “Christmas!!!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Congratulations on the job!! I’m not sure who emailed last. I am going on a trip to visit family this week, so I will be out for a while. Very festive tree!! I like the background.

  2. Franz Says:

    Hi my Dear,

    just want to say that I am looking at your weblog regularly. And I think you have a lot of talent…keep going!!! F.

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