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There’s something about these buildings… March 12, 2008

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You must have been wondering where I’ve been..Or not 😛 Well, as I have said before I don’t have much time for myself. The good news is that I finished a comic I was working on and I will post something of it in the next days! I have been working a lot the last months but I must admit that my sweet boyfriend takes care of me and…well, he pretty much never says no to me! When I am very tired from work but I wanna go out, I prefer walking in alleys in the center of the town! One night he took a photograph-the next bellow- but it didn’t show anything-it was too dark! Tonight I thought what is this (?) and I threw it in the photoshop and here you go! I know I should have asked- but I did a lot of work so it’s kind of mine now 😛 Hey it was totally black!

There really is something about these buildings.. memories from a past that is not mine and stories the walls are hiding… I know that the most of you will find nothing to it and I can’t explain more! But for those who see through this photo there will be more! Thank you for reading! Have a good time!