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Peanuts and Candies for the Weekend! September 21, 2008

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First of all great brushes found here —- > I found many and very interesting brushes and well..somehow I tried to use them today :D! Then I must say that stumbleupon is a great way to find things you like even when you are not searching (I got excited with the brushes as you can see)! My account there —> in case you want to visit 🙂

Enough with the links today!

These are my attempts in glass painting. Hope you like them!

There are some more coming up! It’s been a very nice Weekend, I will also upload some photos I took on Friday, details on the next post!


Like a Bubble Rainbow! October 6, 2007

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A couple of days ago I saw a vase at a store which looked something like that and I wanted to buy it, but I never buy something that I can make myself! So this is it, the circles aren’t perfect but I really enjoyed making it and I found what to do with it in the same time 🙂 !vazaki-mousaved4web.jpg