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Falling. November 16, 2008

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Blaming the internet for the delay! September 28, 2008

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This time is entirely not my fault for the delay. I have a really slow connection for one week now, so it was impossible to upload anything! Here are the photos from last Friday!

The good thing about not having internet is that I had some time to make some things in photoshop. They are to be uploaded if my connection is descent the next days! That’s all for now!


Peanuts and Candies for the Weekend! September 21, 2008

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First of all great brushes found here —- > I found many and very interesting brushes and well..somehow I tried to use them today :D! Then I must say that stumbleupon is a great way to find things you like even when you are not searching (I got excited with the brushes as you can see)! My account there —> in case you want to visit 🙂

Enough with the links today!

These are my attempts in glass painting. Hope you like them!

There are some more coming up! It’s been a very nice Weekend, I will also upload some photos I took on Friday, details on the next post!


Flowers Around..! September 17, 2008

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As the weather is getting colder (finally), I have started going for walks in the city – again 🙂

Here are some photos I took.

I’ve been working on some glass paintings lately so, stick around! 🙂 Also there is a comic I want to upload (have to scan it first) some sketches (scanning needed too) and there is a project I am thinking about that includes photos from the city but there is a lot of work to be done on that. Oh I also knit a little bit but this will take too long because this time … it’s a scarf 🙂 That’s all for now !


Trying to find my way. July 29, 2008

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I sense…

Rebuilding, Redecorating, Reconcidering! June 24, 2008

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There’s something about these buildings… March 12, 2008

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You must have been wondering where I’ve been..Or not 😛 Well, as I have said before I don’t have much time for myself. The good news is that I finished a comic I was working on and I will post something of it in the next days! I have been working a lot the last months but I must admit that my sweet boyfriend takes care of me and…well, he pretty much never says no to me! When I am very tired from work but I wanna go out, I prefer walking in alleys in the center of the town! One night he took a photograph-the next bellow- but it didn’t show anything-it was too dark! Tonight I thought what is this (?) and I threw it in the photoshop and here you go! I know I should have asked- but I did a lot of work so it’s kind of mine now 😛 Hey it was totally black!

There really is something about these buildings.. memories from a past that is not mine and stories the walls are hiding… I know that the most of you will find nothing to it and I can’t explain more! But for those who see through this photo there will be more! Thank you for reading! Have a good time!